Gobo Ordering: The Basics

Gobos can be an effective way to advertise company logos, decorate a wedding or party space, or transform any wall, ceiling or floor. When shopping for a gobo, you’ll be presented with many options, what’s the deal with that?
We’re here to drop some knowledge on the subject and clear up any confusion regarding the terms swirling around the internet (and your head)! From steel, metal, glass, stock, and custom, we’re here to set the record straight on what you should order, and what to expect from each product.

ProGobo is your one stop shop for any and all gobos. If you’re reading this and asking “what’s a gobo”, you’re in the right place! If not, skip this paragraph 😛


A gobo is piece that is designed to fit into a lighting fixture or ‘gobo projector’. The term GOBO actually is shorthand for “Go-Between”. This comes from where the gobo actually goes…BETWEEN the lens and the bulb, right in the middle of the projector. Go, between. Gobo. Get it? Good! The goal is to get whatever is designed ON the gobo to shine onto a surface. Commonly, the designs include a company’s logo, names of a newlywed couple, birthday celebration wish, or a textured design—the options are endless!

When ordering from Progobo.com, you’ll be presented with a few different options. The first question is are you looking for a STOCK gobo, or a CUSTOM gobo? Stock gobos are common patterns or images that are pre-designed. While they are not customizable, they are more affordable than custom and can be used for any and every event. They can be reused over and over again to add that extra element to your space or event!
The opposite of stock is CUSTOM. Custom gobos are anything that’s not stock. You can choose from our custom catalog, or upload your own high resolution artwork.


Once you decide what type of design you’re looking for, the other option is material. The two options are Metal/Steel (interchangeable term) or Glass. So what the heck is the difference?