Custom Steel Gobo (upload your own art)


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    Only $25/ea


Our steel gobos are custom-cut, including both outer and inner diameters, so they will fit in virtually any light fixture which accepts gobos!  If you don’t know what size you need, just let us know the make/model of your light fixture, and we will find the size for you.

Steel gobos are like stencils — they produce black and white images.  You can add color to a steel gobo by using a color gel in the light fixture.  If you need more than one color in your gobo, consider a color glass gobo instead.

“Tabbing” (like a stencil) will appear in your finished artwork, holding the pieces of the gobo together around the laser cuts.  This may alter the look of your artwork slightly.  If you do not want tabbing in your gobo, or if you have shading or tiny details in your artwork that must be reproduced exactly, consider a black-and-white glass gobo instead.

Please upload the largest artwork you can!  We can accept JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and some other file types, but we prefer Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI) files, the larger the better.  Ask your art department for “vector” files, or files which are “300 DPI” or higher.

Don’t have your own artwork?  Send us ideas or a photo to work from, and our designers will make a gobo for you!  Art design is priced per fifteen minutes and is additional to the cost of your gobo.

We can’t wait to help build your gobo with you!

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